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Welcome to ManBrands.Club,

  We want to thank you for joining us while we are in the initial phases of ManBrands.Club Beta. ManBrands.Club is an exclusive resource for men and men's fashion. We believe that everyday men have to walk a fine line between being bold and differentiating yourself yet maintaining a professional look. We want our affluent men to be able to convey themselves in a way that meets the need to differentiate in the boardroom yet refined enough for a jaunt around town. That is why ManBrands.Club will be introducing our first line of apparel the ManSock. Socks are a great way to demonstrate sophistication and charm. We don't believe you need to be loudest in the room to foster positive attention; at least not verbally. Make your presence known without ever saying a word with your ManSocks.


Dressing for success does not mean spending your hard earned money on audacious logos to demonstrate your prosperity. That is why ManBrands.Club is bringing you the ManSock well below big brand prices. We are utilizing the same composition and manufacturing techniques as top-end designers but between 40%-60% below their retail price. That does mean ManSocks are cheap, NO, because we understand they most certainly are not. There is a cost for producing luxurious, high-quality products; but as we grow we will remain focused on our core principles of product, price, and people. Our Company is based in the United States with American designers, thus ensuring we are innovative and forward thinking with ManBrands.Club products. 


Once again, Welcome to ManBrands.Club 


Ry A.K. Russell, Founder