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Why Did We Start With ManSocks?

     We are launching with ManSocks because we recognize socks are a growing trend amongst men and that finding a bold yet sophisticated design can be a challenge. Some brands try to overdo the bold part with tacky useless patterns we stick to practical and fun. The other challenge men are facing when looking for socks that standout is price. Top-End designers are charging insane amounts for products. We are an Entrepreneurial company and we want you to invest in yourself and that shouldn't be expensive. 


What Makes Us Different? 

     We are men designing products for men. Everyone at ManBrands.Club is focused on our mission of providing well produced apparel that men are actually going to wear and enjoy. To be honest, our manufacturing technique is the same as the leader in the Men's Sock space, only we are doing it with more creative designs and at reasonable price. 


What Is ManBrands.Club All About? 

     We are a group of entrepreneurial men on a mission. Mission 1: Provide creative and quality men's apparel and accessories!  Mission 2: Provide Americas' Youth with education and resources to build the future of Entrepreneurial enterprise. Our team is putting together a program right now expected to launch in late-2015 to help educate high school students on the fundamentals of Entrepreneurial studies. 


Where Are We Located? 

     We are based out of the great state of Maine, however, we currently ship to all 50 United State and soon we will be shipping to Canada and the United Kingdom. 


What Will Be Coming Next?

    We are constantly working on the next additions to the ManBrands.Club catalog and in mid to late 2015 we should be ready with our next collection of ManSocks that will feature Men's Ankle, Athletic, and Casual socks. We want to make sure that no matter what the occasion is or if you are just relaxing on the couch you have a comfortable sock you are proud of. We also have concepts for more accessories that we will announce after the launch of the complete line of ManSocks. 


What If Our Customers Have Ideas For Products or Designs? 

     We would love to hear input from our friends and customers of the ManBrands Club and Community so please connect with us and share.  If one of your ideas is chosen to be sent to production; you, of course, will be the first to receive the product of your creation but you could also be featured on that products packaging and marketing materials; not to mention $500 in ManBrands.Club Merchandise. Send your ideas to us through any of our social media platforms or email us at contact@manbrands.club


How Do We Connect? 
     You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Hashtag the heck out of us and connect with the ManBrands.Club Community. 

We Love To Give Out Free Stuff:
The more photos you take and upload of how you rock your ManSocks onto FacebookInstagram, and Twitter the more likely you are to win one of our random giveaways of awesome ManBrands.Club apparel. Use any of the hashtags we use most often including but not limited to: #fearthebeard #ManBrands.Club #ManSocks #ManBeards 

Do We Have a Physical Location?

     We currently have one physical location where we sell ManSocks. This location is a kiosk located in the Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine. We will be growing quickly into other mall kiosk locations and also wholesale accounts to stores all over the United States within the next 6-8 months. 


Do We Wholesale? 

     We absolutely we wholesale our ManSocks. If you are interested in wholesaling ManSocks for a pre-existing store please send a message to contact@manbrands.club and an Account Manager will be in touch with you. We also provide support for Visual Merchandising. 

Do You Want To Own Your Own Kiosk? We have been in the Mall Cart and Kiosk industry for more than 5 years. We currently have open our first ManSock location in the Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine and seeing significant success. Kiosk locations and territories are now open in all 50 states. We have an amazing program put together so either the seasoned Specialty Retail Entrepreneur or someone brand new to Mall Retail can be successful. Our team will provide support for you from start to finishing in the areas of sales, customer service, and visual merchandising.

 If you would like to reserve a specific Mall Location or Territory please send a message to contact@manbrands.club and one of our Account Managers will get in touch with you shortly.