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What does the $100 bill and Daylight Savings have in common?

Do you know what the $100 bill and Daylight Savings has in common? 
man socks makes connection between $100 bill and daylight savings
Answer: Benjamin Franklin
man socks gives credit to benjamin franklin for economizing on candles
Benjamin Franklin was not just one of our Founding Father's he was the founder of Daylight Savings Time. Ok, maybe that "fact" is a myth or a lie but he did publish an article about it in 1784; that should count for something, right? There are many debates about the use of Daylight Savings Time: Does it really save energy? Does it increase productivity? Does anyone really care other than in the Fall when we gain an hour of sleep? We don't know, we aren't scientists we are a bunch of clothing designers providing you with some trivia for Thursday night at the lounge. You are welcome! 
However you feel about Daylight Savings just don't forget to turn the clocks back!
man socks reminds you to turn back the clock
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