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Are you a Multipotentialite? Some of us don't have one true calling.

     If you are like me; than one of your passions in life is continuing your education through a number of different channels. For me, I have a daily routine that I feel helps me grow as an individual, a business person, and a life long learner. My routine for continuing education is not that of the traditional sense. I read, I watch, and I listen. 
1: I read at least 6 different blog articles a day. 
     A. 1 on Marketing
     B. 1 on Business
     C. 1 on Politics
     D. 1 on Education
     E. 1 on Economics
     F. 1 just for fun (entertainment, comical, relationships, etc.)
2: I listen to podcasts I am subscribed to about 14 different publishers from business to personal development. I also make a point to listen to various news radio broadcasts in the car from many different view points. 
3: I watch: I watch the news at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. I also find a lot of great educational things to watch on youtube and of course Netflix. However, one of my absolute favorite things to watch is TedTalks. I try to watch at least one TedTalks video every day. 
     Today, I opened up my Ted app and headline virtually punched me right in the face: "Why Some of us Don't Have One True Calling". WOW, what a thought! It got me thinking before I ever even opened the video. It made me look at my own life. I said to myself, "if someone asked me what I do, what would I say". Well, other than the obvious, I'm a high end mens fashion accessory retailer. I love designing, I love building and I love sharing my brand with all of you and so many people throughout the United States. I also love many of the other projects that I have done, sold, or been a part of. I realized I have met so many other entrepreneurs that like me take on more than one task at a time and they are passionate about all of them equally. Am I weird? Are these other people weird? NO, we aren't weird we have yet to be classified. Watch this short video and tell us which you are: a Multipotentialite or a Specialist? 
     What did you think? Do these points mean something to you? They meant a lot to me; I have become obsessed with so many different projects in my life and consumed by them, up until the point I got "bored". I didn't get bored because I didn't love what it was that I was working on but rather because I reached a milestone that I aimed to reach and once I got there it felt like it was time to allow someone else to take over and see where they could take this object that I created or was a part of. I have built businesses, I saved businesses, I have organized community activities and I have loved every single one of the activities I take part in; from non-profit to for profit work, I gain something personally with each. 
These three ideas: 
   -Idea Synthesis 
   -Rapid Learning
are ideas and characteristics of brilliant people. No, I am not touting that I'm brilliant because I have identified with this; I am making a realization that we are all brilliant. When I received Maine's 40 under 40 award I realized it had little to do with me as a person but me as an idea generator, adaptable, rapid learner.  Any success that I have felt did not come from my sole abilities but a collection of abilities of people around me. I learned rapidly what I wanted to know and just as quickly what I could not understand and adapted to a climate that allowed me to find a specialist to help me achieve that what it is I am trying to accomplish. Thank you Emilie Wapnick for sharing these ideas with a community of people that had no idea who or what they actually where. 
What is my passion(s): Fashion, Community, Education, Development (personal and professional)
-I love building and working within my community
-I love Fashion and sharing my creations and organizations creations with everyone
-I love educating other as well as continuing my personal education
-I love developing organizations and always growing internally as a person
What do you love? What are your passions? Are you a Multipotentialite? 


Ry Russell
Ry Russell


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