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ManSocks are Golfer Approved! -Marvin Sanguesa

     We are pleased at the response we received from Marvin Sanguesa, Professional Golfer from Florida. Marvin and I started talking last week on Instagram when he "liked" a post we shared about our golf socks. I told him that we would love to send him a pair to get his feedback. Well, he seemed to be a fan! He shared this photo with his followers today and we couldn't be more grateful. Marvin is a fantastic human being; getting into golf at an early age and working everyday to improve his game. Not only is he committed to his success in the sport, but he works with children to help improve their game and help them accomplish their goals. 

"I taught mostly junior golfers through junior golf camps and private lessons. It was such an honor to be part of their lives in such a positive way. Not only was I a golf coach but also tried my best to be a life coach" -Marvin Sanguesa

   I knew Marvin was a classy guy worthy of ManSocks when I visited his website and the first thing I see is this Winston Churchill Quote: 

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. 

   It doesn't matter if you are a pro-golfer, entrepreneur, entertainer or plumber we have all faced failure. What you do with that failure is what defines you as a man. In honor of such a great person we have created the Promo Code: Sanguesa use this code at checkout when you are purchasing your pair of ManSocks. 

   Be sure to visit http://www.marvinsanguesa.com for more information on Marvin and you can find him on Facebook or Instagram. 


In Honor of Marvin Sanguesa's commitment to his community and craft we have made a discount code in his name! Be Sure to use Code: Sanguesa in checkout for 10%off and free shipping. 

Ry Russell
Ry Russell


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